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Car Rental

Renting a car in another country is becoming more and more popular for holidaymakers for practicality and convenience.

Find out what your rights are when renting a car in Europe.

Car Rental Europe

Prices for renting vary depending on the type and size of vehicle, the season (peak times or off peak) and the place.
Always shop around for a competitive quote. It is important to read the terms and conditions and check for any additional charges that may not be included in the advertised price.

Additional miles or kilometres to add to the travel limit, if there is one. The kind of insurance cover you purchase can also affect the overall cost of renting a vehicle, insurance options are:

Additional Liability Insurance
Liability Insurance Supplement
Loss Damage Waiver
Personal Effects Protection
Personal Accident Insurance
Collision Damage Waiver
Uninsured Motorist Protection
Personal Effects Coverage
Carefree Personal Protection

Additional charges often include:

Renting and returning the car to different places.
Crossing a border to another country
Child seat
Returning the vehicle outside of business hours (not advisable anyway)
Second driver
Airport charge
Fuel costs

Remember that you will be liable for any damage present on the vehicle that was not present prior to renting. Always check the vehicle with a member of staff and log any damage in writing, retaining a copy for yourself as well the company.

When returning the vehicle try to do this during business hours and again check the condition of the vehicle with a member of staff, get confirmation of the lack of damage in writing, this should prevent any additional charges for damage being incurred.

Pay close attention to any fuel clauses as returning a vehicle without the correct amount of fuel can lead to high fuel costs being added, retain any receipts for fuel purchases in case the volume of fuel is disputed.