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European Consumer Centres offer free consumer advice and support to EU* residents who are buying goods or services from a trader based in another EU* country.

* Iceland and Norway

Your European Consumer Centre CAN:

Advise you on your consumer rights for your shopping and travel in the EU* – from renting a car, booking a package holiday or a flight to ordering goods online from abroad.
* and Iceland, Norway
Give you practical consumer tips before your purchase or booking, which will help you save money and avoid problems.
Help you if you have a complaint against a trader based in another EU country* (for instance, if you are claiming a refund which the trader has refused and which you believe you are entitled to).
Ask their counterpart centre in the country of the trader to contact the trader on your behalf and try to find a solution to your complaint.
Advise you on further action if an amicable solution is not possible – for example, on out-of-court settlements, the European small claims procedure (for claims under €2000), or other legal action
If your case is not for ECC-Net, advise you who to complain to and help you find a suitable organisation
Handle your complaint (against a trader based in another EU country*) if you legally reside in the EU*.

The consumer services provided by European Consumer Centres are free for consumers.European Consumer Centres CANNOT:

force traders to take action: they rely on persuasion (but it works in at least half of the cases they handle)
be your legal representative (e.g. in court)
handle your complaint if you don't legally reside in the EU*
* or Iceland, Norway
intervene if the trader is based outside the EU (e.g. in the US or Canada)