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Complaint Form

Conditions for the investigation of complaints from the European Consumer Centres Network

Please have in mind that sending your request to the European Consumer Centres Network does not automatically means that complaint is lodged since the above mentioned conditions must be fulfilled in order to proceed with the inquiry of the request.

Provide full contact information details and more specifically:
Name, Contact email, Telephone number, Country of residence (Complete address, street & number, city, ZIP) (optional)
Provide the minimum contact details of trader and more specifically:
Company’s name, Contact email, Country where trader is based
Provide evidence of your transaction with trader or any other relevant document that would help us to support your allegations
(eg proof of purchase, photo of the defective product, order form, etc.).
There should be also a clear (and short) description of the dispute and a specific request for mediation to the European Consumer Centres Network as a primary recipient and not as a notification
Have a proof of prior written contact with the trader (via e-mail) (prerequisite).

Note that the language of communication with the network is preferable to be English (as colleagues from relevant European Consumer Centres do not speak the Greek language) in order to manage your case quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the condition for accepting the complaint is that consumer is not legal entity. Having in mind all the above mentioned, we would like you to inform that the European Consumer Centres Network will be committed to investigate your case and offer you its mediation services if you meet the above conditions, of course within the scope of its competences and given that the conditions of the legislation are fulfilled.